UK Pressure Records is a innovative young independent record label from the UK.

Housing some of the best rising UK Reggae and Soul artists and working with other great international artists such as Deneez Peters. 

Ricardo Mckenzie, Garnet Cross, Sonia Ferguson, Maxine Booth, Ras Charmer, Frederica Tibbs, Glama Wayne, Dennis Lloyd, Wendie Barker, Verna Morgan,  Donovan Kingjay, Helen Rogers, Linda Brown, Sandiva, Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell and Winston Reedy are some of the artists we are working with. 

The world of music retail is changing fast, with digital distribution bringing new opportunities for independent record labels. It's that very reason UK Pressure Records was formed to be part of this new revolution of independent labels. 

UK Pressure Records is a record label that focuses on what is important; investing in the music and talented artists that create it. We believe in creating a collaborative and innovative environment where our artist can thrive and reach their maximum potential in a stress free atmosphere. 

Our Vision is defined by the word one. We are one team, with one vision, and one goal. 

We work together as one collective unit, producing all styles of great reggae music! The vision of our movement began in June 2015 in London. Piece by piece we put together an international management team who understands the industry and our role as a management company that has a vested interest in helping our artists grow and advance their careers. 

We pride ourselves as being a youthful and forward thinking management and record company that embraces innovation, takes advantage of cutting-edge, Internet strategies, while still understanding the invaluable knowledge we can gain from industry veterans.

Looking after our artists is first and foremost an initiative of good-will. We are about maintaining our uncompromising core values of focusing on providing the resources and services needed so our artists can focus on their music. We reinvest everything into developing new talent for the love of the music. We remain focused on our role as administrators, facilitators, and a support network for our artists. We take pride in being the main source of management, booking and production of reggae music. We are an environment where great music, great minds, and great energy meet. 

We would advise you to check out our website and advise you to be added to our mailing list for future new productions coming out of our camp. 

Peace and Unity.